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Got an older server running 6.5. I’ve been fighting it – I have two webcams for surveillance of the room; one works with motion, but it resizes the picture down Adjusting resolution from 640×480 to 360×296
and the video’s dark and bad contrast. So I went back to the camer I’d been using before that worked fine… on CentOS 5.x, and then I remembered why I’d gone to the other camera – the bottom 40% of so of the screen is green – no picture, just green.

Doing a *lot* of googling, I saw references to this, and a number of folks suggesting problems with USB messages. Now, I’ve tried plugging it in both front and back of the server, given the possibility that there was a difference in versions of USB support, but no joy.

So this morning, I started wondering if there was something going on, hardware-wise, on the box. Installed OpenIPMI and ipmitools, fired it up, and tried to do a simple ipmitool sel list… and get “unspecified error”. Ok, I said to myself, I tried ipmitool sel 1, ditto… but 2 gives me Get SDR 0003 command failed: Unspecified error Get SDR 0005 command failed: Unspecified error Get SDR 0009 command failed: Unspecified error Get SDR 0014 command failed: Unspecified error Get SDR 0017 command failed: Unspecified error and then a record. I tried jumping around – 200 (which I’ve seen as the limit on other machines), nothing, 150, yes, 156 or so, yes. Not some lower numbers.

So, now the question is whether something screwy is going on with the hardware… or if just, for some reason, the SEL is screwed up. Note that ipmitool sdr list works fine….