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On CentOS 6.5, I use NM to bring up the VPN to my office, and to disconnect from it.

every now and then I screw up and disconnect the LAN itself instead of the VPN.

once I do that, even after reconnecting to the LAN I’m hosed.

/etc/resolv.conf hasn’t been put back to the non-VPN version, so I manually fix that.

but even then I can’t get any name resolution.

I’m sure that rebooting IS NOT the right answer, but it’s the only one I’ve come up with that solves the problem.

What should I be doing instead, once the system is in this state?


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  • I also use NM and VPN in this way, but I’ve never had the problem you describe.

    I usually just connect to VPN and leave it on.

    I’ve set up the VPN connection so that only company-related traffic goes through VPN, the rest goes directly.


  • Try doing (as root)

    service NetworkManager restart

    to restore NM to its intial state. Not an ideal solution (assuming it works), but better than a full reboot.

  • better late than never: Thanks Liam, but that doesn’t work.

    I know it’s my fault for hitting the wrong disconnect item on the NM menu, but it’d sure be nice to have a less drastic method of recovery.

    I’m open to further suggestions.