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There was an update to opendkim 2.10.1 which I applied and now I am seeing this:

warning: connect to Milter service inet: Connection refused

I tried to yum history rollback to 2.9.1 but that package has disappeared so I am evidently constrained to resolve this.

Does anyone have any idea what has happened and why I might be getting that message?

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  • I don’t use that but have you checked to see if you now have a “rpmsave” file left after installing the update? If so, that’s your old configuration and you might need to re-write the new configuration file to incorporate your previous customization.

  • Am 31.03.2015 um 22:11 schrieb James B. Byrne:

    [ … ]

    Postfix is trying to connect the milter on the tcp socket on localhost port 8891 while there is no such socket. Probably because the milter is not running at all or at least not providing its socket on that port.


  • Yes that was the problem. The OpenDKIM maintainers deprecated a configuration option (SenderHeaders) that we were using so the opendkim service would not restart. So there was nothing listening at port 8891. Removing the optin fixed the problem.

    I can find no discussion of why this option was removed and the OpenDKIM readme ( still makes reference to it as the preferred way of handling mailing lists. Go figure.

    B.T.W. Redhat has apparently ‘fixed’ (I think) Mailman to deal with the Yahoo/AOL – DMARC problems. But only in RHEL5 (so far). As they have moved all discussion of the bug behind a paywall I can no longer follow developments and so cannot be sure.