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Looks like opennx appeared in the extras repository some time recently.
Because the extras repository is enabled by default, all of the servers where I have nxclient installed are showing opennx as available which will obsolete nxclient.

I went ahead and upgraded on my laptop but the resulting opennx installation didn’t launch properly. I’m now modifying my yum configurations everywhere to add exclude=opennx

Without diving into the merits of whether I should be using nxclient from or the open-source opennx, I’m concerned that I ended up with a broken NX client and I don’t remember seeing an announcement that this software package was added to extras. Is that information communicated via a mailing list that perhaps I’m not subscribed to?

thanks, Greg

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  • We don’t normally announce extras packages.

    I will test it in the case of a replacing of the NoMachine nxclient.

    What version of the nomachine client were you using?

  • OK, I see the problem. The installer is not happy with both packages installed during the replacement process.

    What we will do to fix it is to have opennx conflict with the NoMachine nxclient, but not try to replace it as an obsolete.

    One will have to manually remove nxclient before they install opennx … BUT … if you that, it does not get confused anymore and it does remember all the session information from nxclient, etc.

    It also will not try to force an upgrade, so you have to want to install it.

    Thanks for the Feedback and sorry for the install problems.

    The new version is syncing out now, it is opennx-0.16-724.el6.CentOS.1