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setting up the newest OpenStack Grizzly release seems to be really straight-forward. Red Hat has put together all support for this at

I’ve documented installation, post-install config tweaks, how to add a few ready-to-use guest images and links to a few gotchas on the following wiki page:

Most items can be setup on the command line this way, no need to e.g. use the web interface to upload guest images.

best regards,

Florian La Roche

5 thoughts on - OpenStack Grizzly On CentOS-6.4

  • Good job. You have a “CloudStack” word in the page, you might want to rename it to Openstack. :-)
    Having said that, be careful with RDO in production if it’s the case;
    it does not support multi_host; if your network host goes, it all goes.

  • These kickstart files look very good. The 4 files each contain changes not merged into the others, so you might want to diff/merge these a little bit.

    Too bad there are still no “official” CentOS images out there, also Fedora working more towards Fedora-19 than RHEL6. :-)

    best regards,

    Florian La Roche

  • Yes, I do need to clean them up a bit. I’ll update this thread when this is done. Other than that the images should be functional.

    Need to look more into cloud-init, I’m thinking it may be more to do, such as to respect the Openstack “password” feature in addition to the ssh keys. Btw, there’s CentOS-virt mailing list and also #CentOS-virt on Freenode for this kind of discussions. :)