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This is O/T apart from the fact that the server is CentOS running Apache /

I want to develop a real time (ish) dashboard type web page showring extracts of the contents of a table. I would like any changes that occur to be pushed to the web clients rather than have the clients poll the database.

Based on the fact that I have not managed to come up with a successful Google search phrase I think this may not be possible, but just in case I thought I’d ask here.

If it’s not possible, can anyone suggest the most efficient / responsive polling techniques?

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  • Thanks for this. Looks a very interesting article, and exactly what I’m looking for.

    Thanks Leon for your reply too. I do already make use of JS and XMLHttpRequest in my pages but they are all driven by the client / JS code.

    The new project will see 20+ users all managing a jobs list status page. Rather than have all 20+ browsers poll the server every n seconds, I want a method where if one user updates a job status it updates the server, and the server then kicks the other clients into pulling the update.

    The websockets above may well be the answer I need.