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After quite some time of praising ownclowd, I started having problems with installing and updating desktop owncloud-client on CentOS. Namely, yum repository owncloud.org points to for rpm/yum based Linux distributions lives on suse.com site (well, for all flavors of Linux, actually).

I remember it smelled fishy for me the first time I installed owncloud on CentOS using that repository living at suse.com. It worked, however, for quite some time, but recently it just times out for me, even what owncloud.org currently gives as yum.repo information (which has changed from what was in the past).

Does anybody have any suggestion? Am I the only one (thus, making my “pilot error”), or others have the same? Did someone find workaround?

Incidentally, another system – FreeBSD – I run on my laptop and workstation, has no trouble with owncloudclient package. But I have to give graduate students Linux, and prefer CentOS Linux, so I do need to make it work even if I end up compiling it all the time myself (sigh, I hope, not).

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help!

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  • Le 20/09/2017 à 18:18, Valeri Galtsev a écrit :

    Hi Valeri,

    I’m using OwnCloud client on my workstation and my server, both running CentOS 7 with KDE.

    I wrote a little blog article (in French) about installing and configuring OwnCloud.


    The SUSE repository works perfectly. There has been a transition period with overlapping dependencies in this repository and EPEL. What I did was simply remove all packages and reinstall the owncloud-client package. This repository is also always up-to-date, whereas the EPEL
    package is regularly lagging behind.



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