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Hello listmates,

What are the proven/tested version of Perl for CentOS 6 and 7? Is Perl 6
operational on either?



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  • But packages aside, as Linux is UNIX-like system, you can always install it UNIX way: download tarball from perl site, compile and install it. You will have to do your own work maintaining it whenever updates are necessary.


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  • just don’t replace the stuff in the system directories. build your custom perl to live in /usr/local or /opt or something.

  • Thanks, sure, all of the above makes sense. My question was primarily aimed at those who have at least tried to run Perl 6 on CentOS and actually have some practical experience to report.



  • EPEL has it for CentOS 6, but not 7. The package is “rakudo-star”, it’s a 2011 version. You can also rebuild the packages from Fedora rawhide which have a 2015 version.