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I have a few custom kernel parameters being passed to a CentOS box via the /boot/grub/grub.conf file. However, if there is a kernel update, and grub.conf is regenerated, how do I ensure my custom parameters are:

a. left in place on the older kernels
b. added to the new kernel?

I would think this should go in /etc/sysconfig/grub but I’m just not finding any documentation or examples of this in my searches. Could anyone offer a pointer?

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  • Tim Nelson wrote:

    Excellent question. I always delete the rhgb and quiet, or occasionally I
    need to create my own grub.conf, and once I do that, 100% of the time,
    when I get a kernel update, it sets the default to the last live kernel,
    not the new one, leaving me to go through manually.