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Hello everyone

Iam trying to delete a route from mt CentOS 7 server but everytime i restart network services, it reappears

iam using command
“route del -net x.x.x.x/x gw x.x.x.x

Am i missing something??

Best Regards Mulin

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  • You have to delete it from the network configuration as well – all that command does is to remove the route from the current running configuration.

    I suspect you are probably using Network Manager, in which case you can use nmtui or nmcli to remove the route from the stored configuration. There are gui ways to do it as well if you prefer that.


  • Thank you Pete

    With “nmtui edit” command, i got into network manager, deleted all running config, restarted the network card, then added the exact network configuration i required.. This sorted me out.. :-)