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Hello guys,

recently I update my driver stack

– Kernel up to 4.12.1 with additional flags for amd_si

– Drivers

Xorg level 1.19 compiled againt the 1.17 server.

rebuilt intel-vaapi-driver-1.8.2-1, because
I need it for steam (test suite)

Changed spec file becasuse of vaapi-intel …

– Mesa

Update to 17.1.5 with LLVM (4.0.1) before with llvm 3.9.1
I think no improvements, followed the changelog in llvm.
Built againt my drivers

– WineHQ (fat rpm)

wine-stage 2.11.2
(wine-stage + galium nine patch + steam network patch)
Built against my drivers + mesa

Everything tested on Laptop Lenovo T440 and 3770K + Radeon RX480

Packages are not singed. Pick up the source, if you are unsure as always