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Hello Guys,

in the mean while i compiled and tested fallow
Kernel 4.12.4, feels more stable as 4.12.0 (+ RadeonSI Flags)

Drivers Libdrm 2.4.82, added a patch from git (intel and dri2)
xorg-x11-drv-intel Added btrfs-progs 4.12. to my driver section, because fedora coopr doesn’t compile i686 for CentOS. By the next release of intel drivers I rename back intel-vaapi-driver to be better backward compatible with other packages.

Wine Update to wine-2.13 (Staging), allready tested with steam & WoW

Mesa-Test I think that is the second time, when i try release candidate. But Why?
Wanne know is is possible as i did it the last time:

– Mesa 12.2.0-rc2
– against LLVM 5.0 RC1

And “Yes” :-) it do. After some simple refactoring

LLVM 5.0 needs (because of cmake3.i686)

Mesa Needs

to compile, or you take my driver section and mesa-test as it is.