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I don’t really know where to post this, i’ll try here since i use both CentOS and RHEL…

I’d like to know how others handle the setup of Apache httpd and PHP-FPM
when the PHP-FPM user is different from the webserver user. This is the case in the default configuration of IUS PHP-FPM packages (not in stock CentOS/RHEL). So I have httpd running as ‘apache’ and PHP running as
‘php-fpm’. I’m aware of special use cases where a configurable PHP user is a nice feature, but how do i handle filesystem setup for this default configuration in a pretty and secure way? Do people use it like that or do they change PHP-FPM user back to ‘apache’ (like in RH packages)? All of the setups i tried (eg. using ACLs) don’t really look “pretty” and
“robust”, something I’d like to have when using “default”
configurations. I hope I’m not thinking too complicated…

Thanks for feedback matthias