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Is CentOS team going to publish a correct version of php-mcrypt via yum?
CentOS 6.5 and now 7 is out but no php-mcrypt. php-mcrypt is used by lots of applications. and the one from EPEL repository is buggy and sometimes makes my server crash.

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  • Hm… You most likely need to take a look into what you have done on your server. Enterprise distributions (CentOS in particular) are usually so stable, they do not just “crash”. The only system I remember which I was able to crash merely by running out of memory (running code with memory leak as a regular user: that is my favorite test ;-) was SUSE around 7.3. They did patch kernel (or configure it?) system was shipped with so that it was indeed that bad. However, kernel downloaded from built without patching with all default settings didn’t crash: OOM was happily killing offending process. As it should. I’m staying away from SUSE ever since…

    What I would do, take a look that your hardware is sane, memtest86 is one thing to do, then switch to what is happening with the process in question. strace if your friend. And gdb too, of course.


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