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Ok, I give up. After the last month or so, gwenview takes literally five minutes or so to come up, gagging because I have nepomuk turned off in kde. Today, it just will not come up at all, even trying gwenview pic.jpg.

Are there any other ->light weight<- image viewers in the standard repositories, including epel? I DO NOT WANT OR NEED a “semantic desktop”
(aka bloat, suitable for people who have no knowledge and don’t want any of COMPUTERS (who perhaps should get a Mac)).

Note that I saw an old post from aurelian (sp?) on their website, that nepomuk wasn’t for “you if you’re comfortable with directories and files”, which sounds like me.*

So, something that is NOT “the k3wl3st thing since sliced bread”, not the
“LATEST THING”, but just an fscking image viewer? Is kuickshow still around (and if so, in what package)?

mark, annoyed

* As opposed to the folks who REALLY BELIEVE in icons… as in, I’ve seen desktops that couldn’t hold all the icons, and you had to scroll. *So*
much more user-friendly than lists and folders….

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