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I was getting nowhere with my clamav permissions problem, so I blew away my test system and did a total rebuild. I am now up to the part right after the install of amavis-new, clamav, clamav-devel, and clamd all from the epel.repo (spamassassin, also installed at the same time comes from the base repo).

Prior to this, I rebuild the system from my kickstart file, and did the postfix, postfixadmin, mysql, dovecot, and roundcube setups all from instructions and scripts that I have put together over the past number of weeks, and this part went right through with no apparent problems.

So now I am carefully checking out clamav before I make any config changes and right away I notice discrepencies with where is located.

In /etc/clamd.conf it is placed in /var/run/clamav/

In /etc/clamd.d/amavisd.conf it is placed in /var/run/amavisd/

/etc/amavisd/amaviisd.conf does not reference the, only the
.sock and warns you to point it to the same place as in /etc/clamd.conf.

But what gives with the pid file locations? I might think that in a base install the pid file would be pointed to the same place?

Obviously, I have figured out I really need to make these two enteries the same, but still. :(