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Anyone out there using pidgin and jabber? Recently, there was a redo of the organization’s jabber server, (probably a Windows thing), and suddenly, instead of my usernamte@address, I get username@address/. For example, mine, after my username@jabberserver/f862437769a069c68119dc3068e2acbd5f0eaba6, so a line and a half of garbage.

Any ideas? Googling isn’t finding me anything… oh, and the tech on the other end, who’s using Windows, isn’t seeing that, he just sees username@


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  • That’s a Resource ID most likely. If you do not want an auto-generated resource ID, you can set one in your account preferences.

    I prefer a static resource ID myself so I can set one as work, another for laptop, home or whatever. Not meant to be a replacement for a status message, but certainly helpful to know which resource/session is related to what device.

    Accounts > Manage Accounts > some_account > Basic tab > Resource field

    As to why your resource ID is so long, I don’t know. I’m used to seeing them be say maybe 10 characters or so.

    What XMPP/Jabber server are you using?

    That’s probably just the way the client shows it. Is the Windows user also using Pidgin as their XMPP client? Any version difference and so forth?