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Sorry for the off topic, but hoping someone here can point me in a direction and end my endless googling… I have some mp4 training videos that our users need to be able to download or stream directly to their browser.

I have the h.264 module loaded on httpd on CentOS (using

So I think I have most of the infrastructure in place, but I’m not sure how to setup the streaming for all browsers. Do I need to embed some type of player? Like a flash player? Do browsers, Firefox and IE,. already have a player I can make use of?

Any help or direction here is appreciated.

Thanks, James

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  • ok, I read some more. to use that Apache streaming plugin, which came from here, you need one of those flash players listed near the bottom of that page embedded on your website.
    looks like two of those 3 players at least are ‘branded’ if you use the free ones, you get to pay if you want the fully customizable embedded video player. I’m unclear on the third (which is actually the first one listed). also that h.264 streamer is only free for noncommercial uses, it must be licensed for business use.

    as an example, to use the jwplayer, you’d need this html on your webpage…

    where those last two URL’s are your site/path/filenames…

  • Hi James.

    You need SMplayer and the codecs to go with it. I use it on CentOS 5.8
    and the Windows version on Vista.