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Please watch the addresses that you are responding to when mailing the list. There continue to be replies to Harald Reindl on the list. Please note that Reindl is not a subscriber to the list (and for good reason –
thank you, list admins) so any mail you get from him purporting to be from the list is bogus; he sends mail to you Cc’d to the list (or vice-
versa) just to get his 2-cents back to the list when you reply quoting his original text. I think I can speak for some others here that would prefer to not see him on this list in any fashion, so if you could trim out his address from replies back to the list it would be great :)


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  • Thanks for the heads up. He recently replied to a post of mine and he was nasty and totally unhelpful. I wasn’t familiar with him and I googled him and saw he had been banned from many lists around the world. I was going to ask the admins here to do the same, but I never got around to it.

  • I had a reply direct to a post of mine, calling me a fool and showing no sign of having followed the thread, just a day or two ago. I
    had been thinking of killfiling him, but wasn’t sure what effect that might have, if any, on my own access. (I follow the list on Gmane, not by email.)