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Twice I’ve done a fresh install of a “Development” machine. In both cases pkexec as a normal user always returns “Error executing command as another user: No authentication agent was found.” This keeps me from getting a root command line and prevents yumex from starting from the launcher.

I’ve googled and found nothing accept some references to installing virtual box. Checking the man pages for polkit was no help either.

Since this only happens when I install the “Development” group I must assume that some package is missing, and I am at a loss as to where to look.

Any clues?


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  • Emmett Culley wrote:

    Completely unfamiliar with pkexec, but it sounds as though no authentication agent is running. Is something like ssh-agent running, and have you added credentials (e.g. ssh-add)?


  • Kwallet is running and working as I get prompted, as expected, for my private key passwords when appropriate.

    I didn’t know anything about pkexec either, until now. I only found out about it by googling for the error quoted above. I have, in the past, run into issues starting a root terminal from the launcher (KDE), but it has always returned to normal after a restart or re-login. This is the first time it has been persistent and consistent.

    All the searches seem to indicate that the polkit daemon is not configured correctly, but in no case is there any suggestions on how to configure it.

    I’ll keep looking for documentation.


  • Emmett Culley wrote:
    getting a

    Have you read the man page? I just did, and I’ve got a really good guess as to why it says that: it appears to want to work like sudo –


  • It turns out that every machine I’ve updated to 6.4 works like this. Most of the others I only log into occasionally, and as root.

    I suppose it is possible that they were like this before I upgraded to 6.4. I’ll have to build a 6.3 machine and find out.