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Hey all, not sure if this was operator error or what.

I’m running a KVM host on updated CentOS 6. The guest is built from the CentOS 6.9 dvd1 with just @base and @core package groups.

When I went to install mysql it failed due to incompatibilities with the libcc versions. Updated just glibc and glibc-common and then installed mysql. Shortly there after it started to freeze and lost connection.

The KVM host is fairly beefy and mysql wasn’t doing anything but running with no queries or data. I rebooted the guest and it still had lock up issues.

When I rebuilt the guest and did a full yum update, to include kernel and kernel-headers, it seemed to run fine.

It seems like there’s a dependency between glibc(-common) and something else. Or do I misunderstand?



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  • How did you update the software? If you had just run ‘yum install mysql’ it should have pulled in all the dependencies. Did you run a
    ‘yum update’ before trying to install mysql?

    Its possible that your mirrors are out of sync and your system is talking to a mirror with older RPMs, but without an actual error log, its hard to tell what’s going on.