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Hello all,

I am looking for the correct way to add postgrey to my system but whitelist everything except for com, org, and net domains. Most of my spam is from .info domains.

There seems to be no way to only go after certain domains, instead postgrey wants to go after everything except what you whitelist.

So my idea was to whitelist .com, .net, .org, .gov, and a few others while greylisting the rest.
The syntax for the files want FQDN, email addresses, or domain names.
But How do you just add a .TLD?

postgrey_whitelist_clients ??


this sound right?

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  • believe I got this working, anyone interested here is what I did so far

    1- get the repo rpmforge
    rpm -Uvh

    2 limit forge to just the packages needed
    add line, just under enabled=1
    includepkgs=postgrey perl-net-server perl-parse-syslog perl-BerkeleyDB

    3 yum install postgrey

    4 make a new file, /etc/sysconfig/postgrey
    add OPTIONS=”–unix=/var/spool/postfix/postgrey/socket –delay=60″
    save, close

    5 added to /etc/postfix/postgrey_whitelist_clients

    (this file is full of junk from previous years, considering deleting it
    all except for above)

    6 add to, above my rbls but under the auth reject stuff so it is
    last before them (though maybe it could be absolutely last, might be better)
    check_policy_service unix:postgrey/socket

    7 service postgrey start, postfix reload, chkconfig postgrey on

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  • check that…did not whitelist the domains, got greylisted.
    Either it is the wrong way to regex that statement within postgrey or
    there needs to be more added regarding the triplet (ipaddress, domain,
    sender)…not sure.

    probably regex is wrong, I am certainly no expert, or even a novice, of it.
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  • Am 25.03.2012 22:23, schrieb Bob Hoffman:


    2 things:

    discuss setting that kind of things up. postgrey has a mailing list and
    as you learn to handle Postfix you may subscribe to the Postfix list.

    – You can be very sure that your regex in postgrey_whitelist_clients is
    wrong and does nothing useful. Have you ever seen a host with DNS name
    “.com”? Would you ever? No, of course not.
    You define the whitelisted client names to start with a dot and to end
    with the TLD right after the dot.

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