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A friend runs 6.8 but would like to add postscreen to his email server. It is provided with postfix version 2.8 and up. The newest postfix for 6.8
is 2.6.x. Any likelyhood it will be further updated? Or is there another source for newer postfix versions for CentOS 6.8?

Similar query for the clamav db, now at 0.99.1
with 0.99.2 out for quite some time.


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  • It is very unlikely Postfix will ever be updated from the current version in CentOS 6. Maybe CentOS 7 has the version you require?

    ClamAV is not a part of CentOS so you will need to ask on the mailing list for whichever repository you got the package from.

  • Am 12.08.2016 um 22:38 schrieb Jon LaBadie:

    Hi Jon,

    as Ned has already explained the version of Postfix on CentOS 6 will most certainly stay what it is. If you want to use a more current release then consider switching to Potfix 3.1 provided by the ghettoforge repository. Peter who is maintaining that package is very active to follow new upstream releases.

    clamav 0.99.2 is available by EPEL. It just hasn’t hit the regular repository while staying in the testing repo. I am using it from testing since roughly 1 month. Maybe it needs more karma to get pushed into stable. You have to bark at the EPEL tree, not CentOS.



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    For the record, Enterprise Linux distributions do not normally switch major server versions during the lifetime of the distribution. This is ACTUALLY the whole reason ENTERPRISE distros exist.

    Backporting of security and bug fixes is done to make the released version more stable and more secure over the lifetime of the distro so that custom software that you pay to be written does not become obsolete with an API/ABI change of a component.

    See this link about backporting by Red Hat:

    So, for almost any server related services (IPA, LDAP, EMail, httpd, samba, etc., etc., … ), there will likely not be an upgrade of the service within the main distribution.

    CentOS-6 will most likely always have httpd version 2.2.15-XX (where XX
    will change, but not 2.2.15). CentOS-7 will have version 2.4.6-XX of httpd.

    If you want server services always moving to the latest and greatest, CentOS is the distribution you are looking for. That is Fedora (if you want a Red Hat family equivalent).

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes


  • Had he asked about a switch to the next major version of postfix 3.X, I would not have bothered asking on this list. However I thought an update of 2.6->2.8 might not be considered a “major version” change.