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Users on Machine A with rights to log into and run jobs on Machine B using ssh want to be able to view and cancel print jobs on Machine B.

This is easily accomplished via the commandline with lpq and lprm, but is there a GUI that I can give them? I have them running things like scribus using launchers like “ssh -X machineb scribus” and would like to provide similar functionality for the printer job control.

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  • Frank Cox wrote:

    if machine B is running cups, perhaps using the cups web interface? it
    should be running on port 631 (and has to be configured to allow this).

  • While that would work, I can imagine my phone ringing with questions about why
    someone’s printer disappeared. I’m really just trying to front-end lpq and

    If I have to I’ll write something to do this since it’s not a complicated
    thing and it’s an excuse to play with gtk, but I don’t want to re-invent the