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When I re-boot my CentOS 7 machine I get lots of error/warning messages like the following:

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  • That appears to be an OpenStack problem, so you may have better luck talking to those folks. Here is a thread on their mailing list showing a similar problem:

    I don’t see how this could be a kernel-specific issue.

    As a rule, kernel problems are driver problems, so unless you’ve got some kind of strange initialization problem with your network IC driver or similar, I don’t see how it can affect things.

    That other mailing list thread suggests a useful test: if OpenStack fails to init on boot, can you always bring it up by hand after the system is fully booted? If so, then that suggests you’ve got OpenStack loading too early in the boot process.

    A pre-systemd init setup converted to systemd without thorough testing could give such problems by not declaring its dependencies explicitly enough, so that it only *happens* to work depending on how fast the rest of the system boots.

    If you don’t use it, remove it. I know next to nothing about OpenStack, but I do know it’s pretty heavy infrastructure. No point paying for it if you aren’t using it.

    You don’t have to guess. RPM will tell you.

    More likely the other way around: OpenStack is probably built on top of libvirtd.