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Hello everyone,

Im trying to configure SNMP to use Kerberos authentication, but im having some trouble. The standard package of snmp dont have the kerberos module included, then i needed to create a new package. So i found the last CentOS
snmp source rpm, version “net-snmp-5.7.2-24.el7_3.2.x86_64”, and modified the .spec file to generate a new rpm with the kerberos module.

But in the middle of compilation process, this happens:

*checking for security modules to use… ksm usm*

*checking for krb5-config… /bin/krb5-config*

*checking for krb5… checking for krb5_init_context in -lkrb5… yes*


*checking for heimdal… no*

*checking to see which crypto API we need to use… checking for krb5_c_encrypt… yes*

*(cached) old MIT crypto API*

This “old MIT crypto API” dont happen if i use the same configuration with the standard snmp tar.gz And that is the problem, i need to receive “new MIT crypto API” to work. I have the Kerberos properly installed and running.

Sorry if this looks confusing, but what im trying to say is that i guess this rpm is broken and need update. I used the same configuration with the rpm and the tar.gz . The tar.gz worked and the rpm didn’t. This problem is for the ksm module, not the entire rpm is broken.

Someone know who i cant contact to warn about this? Or if there is a new version out there. I searched for a new version but i didn’t find anything. I used the 5.7.2
rpm and 5.7.3 tar.gz

Thanks for the attention. Lucas.