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I am trying to migratean existing RHEL 6 machine to CentOS 6.

I followed the instructions in

I run into problems:

when I run

yum upgrade

then yum tries to access a repository rhel-6-server-extras-rpms

and then fails.

What can I do that yum no longer tries to access this repository?

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  • Normally, .repo files are in /etc/yum.repos.d/ .

    You should be able to edit files in that directory and find a section for any repos that you wish to disable. Setting enable=0 in the applicable section will turn off that specific repo.

  • Thank you. I could resolve the issues, by editing stuff in

    There, I created a file rhnplugin.conf with the content



    and I edited the file search-disabled-repos.conf and inserted into the line ignored-repos= … the pattern rhel*

    I do not know whether this second step was necessary, I happened to do both at once. After that, yum upgrade no longer demanded rhel repositories.

  • I would use yum to uninstall the packages that provide
    /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo and /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/rhnplugin.conf

    On rhel7, these are yum-rhn-plugin and subscription-manager, use rpm to check which packages provide them on el6.

  • “man 8 rpm” search for “–file”

    short: rpm -qf [full-path-and-filename]
    long: rpm –query –file [full-path-and-filename]

    This queries the rpm-database for which package owns the given file.

    – Yamaban