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I installed proftpd from CentOS repository to my CentOS 6.3 server. Iptables and selinux are off; I do have one unix user which can SSH and login to the server.
I do use the default config and cant login to the ftp server (home directory of that user is all I want) :/

I use filezilla and Mac OS X native ftp access, both fails with incorrect login (530) WTF can be wrong? Or what may I have to change?

Thanks for any hints and suggestions! Regards . G

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  • The shell of the approp user not defined in /etc/shells?
    The user in /etc/ftpusers to deny access?
    The ftp server not started?


  • Hi,

    CentOS does not ship proftpd – so you might want to check where you got it from.

    look at the log files on the server to see what is reported, then read the config files to make sure there is authentication setup.

    Or even better, get rid of proftpd and just install vsftpd which should work out of the box on a CentOS machine ( and its included in the CentOS
    repos )

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