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How I can set up CentOS 5 on it if it don’t see the drives.

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  • Juan De Mola wrote:
    A number of questions: first, does it have a hardware RAID controller? If so, has it been configured via firmware to present drives to the o/s?


  • Yes it has hardware RAID, two 250GB disk. But on BIOS it is set as Legacy Support. Puting it on AHCI allowed to see the disk. At least the one that is connected.

    2013/3/5 :

  • If the RAID controller has a raid1 array set up then you’ll only see one drive. The OS only sees a single drive because the hardware raid controller handles the drives directly.

  • Fake (software) or real (hardware) it only allow install in AHCI mode, for the records. It is now running the OS. Install complete. Thanks.

    2013/3/5 John R Pierce :