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I’ve installed CentOS in a QEMU VM for some gcc-compiling work. I’ve used Gentoo for years, but am a newbie at CentOS. During install, I
selected “development” options, which pulled in more than I really need. I don’t want or need a heavy desktop environment chewing up part of the
4 gigs allocated to the VM, but I will occasionally need a GUI. What I’d like to do is remove GDM, Gnome DE, Java, Ruby, and a bunch of other stuff. Then install ICEWM. I want to remove GDM, but keep X, so that the machine comes up at the text command line. If/when I need a GUI, I’ll type “startx”, after setting up ~/.xinitrc.

So far, I’ve made one change to yum.conf, by adding remove_leaf_only=1

I think that my next 2 steps should be to execute… init 3
yum groupremove gnome-desktop

Then what? “yum search icewm” does not find anything, and I may still have GDM trying to log me in to a non-existant GNOME. What do I do next?

By the way, at startup, I notice a message quickly flash by like…
“intel_rapl: no valid rapl domains”. What’s it about?

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  • some kinda new intel advanced power domain stuff (RAPL is “Running Average Power Limit”), to limit CPU power consumption… that message just means its not supported by your hardware (or VM), so the intel_rapl driver is exiting. totally harmless albeit mildly annoying. you can blacklist the intel_rapl driver to get rid of it.