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Digging into this, as we rework it, here’s a question: assuming the system being pxebooted is server 1, and the TFTP server is server 2, on server 2, in the menu for pxeboot, is there any way to specify that the image to boot, and the initrd, are on a server 3? That is, MENU repoboot
KERNEL repo://my/repo/images/vmlinuz
APPEND repo://my/repo/images/initrd.img

(or an IP address, like, for the server named repo)?


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  • Sorry ’bout breaking threading.

    Paul, you write:

    Are you saying that I only need to change the dhcpd configuration, from
    allow booting;
    allow bootp;
    filename “pxelinux.0”;
    < ...>
    allow booting;
    allow bootp;
    filename “gpxelinux.0”;

    and have my menus called by pxelinux.cfg/default point to the http://myurl/images?


  • Not speaking for Paul who may chime in hear but I believe you are correct. I just set one of these up last week and I think what you have is close. Given that you have copied gpxelinux to the appropriate location, you have more options available to be able to do stuff like this:

    LABEL ESXi 5.0 KickStart and HTTP
    APPEND -c
    ks= +++

  • Tom Bishop wrote:

    I’ll try it. That’s *exactly* what I hope to achieve. We’d like to separate the server that offers TFTP from the one that has our repo mirror.