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One of my hobbies (I need a life) is working on getting stuff to build against LibreSSL in CentOS 7

Part of that involves some test (not production) machines where openssl has been removed.

Discovered some issues with Python built again LibreSSL – it passes the test suite in %check if you just change the BuildRequires but the result is some modules have some unresolved symbols the test suite oddly didn’t catch (e.g. RAND_egd and some sslv3 stuff)

That patch takes care of all of those (I think) as well as fixing the test suite – which fails after fixing python for the unresolved symbols unless disabling the checks that simply won’t work with LibreSSL

Anyway the patch has fixes from a variety of places as well as a few of my own.

In *theory* it should also work if rebuilding the RHEL/CentOS against an OpenSSL build with SSLv3 removed.

Though it might be interest to some.

Patch doesn’t apply to pristine Python 2.7.5 but to Python 2.7.5 after the various Red Hat patches are applied.