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Is there any package available for qmail? I am having hard time finding it.

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  • I doubt it, qmail is quite deprecated and does not support any modern TLS capabilities without a ton of community provided patches.

    I doubt even with community supported patches that it will ever support RFC 7672 which is important (it takes the “opportunistic” out of opportunistic TLS when both servers implement it, preventing protocol downgrade attacks that now are as easy as removing the STARTTLS)

  • If you’re interested in an qmail-style mail server that’s actively maintained, take a few minutes to look at Courier MTA. It features POP
    and IMAP servers in addition to SMTP, all similar in design and configuration to qmail.

    On the down side, you’ll have to build packages yourself. On the up side, it’s quite easy to do so. (rpmbuild -tb , or rpmbuild -ts and mock for the binary build).

  • But is it for Linux? The Wiki says:

    “each component is thinly provisioned in a FreeBSD jail.”

    If it uses something as low level as a FreeBSD jail it might be difficult to get working in linux.


  • Am 2017-03-15 06:22, schrieb Keith Keller:

    Ah, yes. The previous version also worked on Linux (supposedly). Still available on github.

    Qmail is a very special beast…

  • It’s definitely a beast. I usually suggest postfix, which gives many of the benefits that qmail gives (separate processes for separate tasks)
    without the blatant drawbacks (djb’s suggestion to use daemontools, his refusal to accept patches).

    FWIW, at least qmail worked well enough without daemontools. Getting djbdns to work without it was hellish (and it had a nonstandard zone file syntax).