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Hello Greetings,

I am trying to customize CentOS 6.5 iso and have few questions.

I can’t get the significance of grub.conf inside the isolinux folder. I
thought it would be used by anaconda to generate /etc/grub.conf. But it seems that is not the case. I tried to make some changes to it, which haven’t had any effect in /etc/grub.conf. So, may I ask what is the usage of that grub.conf in the iso? And how can I
alter the /etc/grub.conf that is getting generated by anaconda ( I don’t want to manually edit it, but I want to add some extra configurations to it as part of installation)

Kindly correct me if I have misunderstood anything.

Thanks & Regards, Aravind

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  • That is used to boot the actual installer. As you discovered, it’s not related to what gets installed.

    There are two ways. First, you could edit the Python code in anaconda that generates the bootloader configuration (and perhaps provide that as an updates.img). Second, and what most people do: use sed or some other tool to edit the generated grub.conf in kickstart post.