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I haven’t done a fresh install in years. I’ve always gone the upgrade route. Seemed to have always worked for me.

I moved to 7.3 since it supports the latest versions of some programs I want to use to implement as a backup server/RAID/NAS for 3 machines here at home and a remote laptop at work.

So, the question is, is there something different in 7.3 than the previous 7

The reason I ask is I was running a lesser version of 7, I think 7.1, as a VM on 6.8. I remember I chose not to install the most recent version at the time. Never had these issues. Not really issues but everything just worked without a lot of expertise involved.

One thing I could never figure out is that on 6.8, I have the zoneminder repo installed and when I did a yum update on the 7.1 VM, it was also accessing the zmrepo which wasn’t installed. Just thought it was odd.

Anyway, I really appreciate the help and keep paying it forward!!

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