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Under CentOS 6 I could run the command:
/usr/bin/import -window root screen.png to get a screen capture – worked great.

On CentOS 7.2.1511

when I run the above command I hear beep beep and the resulting screen.png is just black.

Two questions:
1) how can I get the screen shot?
2) how can I disable the beep beep



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  • Ok – I thought maybe the beep was due to error – but apparently not. I have found how to disable the beep with the -silent option

    However – I am still not able to get a screen shot – it resulting png is just black or black. export DISPLAY=:0.0
    import -silent -window root screen.png

    the file is just all black.



  • Yes I am running as root. If I try as a user I get the same behavior.

    Two things here. If on my desktop in a gnome window I run “import -silent -window root screen.png” I get a file.

    However if I run the command using a shell script on a machine its not working. So in my script I have:
    export DISPLAY=:0.0
    /usr/bin/import -silent -window root screen.png



  • Does the machine you’re running the shell script on have an active X11 display? You can’t screenshot a desktop that doesn’t exist.

    Does your user own the desktop that you’re trying to screenshot?

    Is your user on the current access control list and allowed to connect to the desktop?