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I have a R script that I am running from python with rpy2. On a debian system I run this:

apt-get install R-cran-ggplot2 R-cran-caret

And the script works. I want to move this to CentOS 7 system. There it cannot find R-cran-ggplot2 or R-cran-caret. Does anyone know what packages in CentOS 7 I need for dplyr, doBy, and ggplot2?

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  • They are not in the CentOS or epel distros. I have built both dplyr and ggplot2 for CentOS 6 and 7, using the spec file crated by R2spec (from epell) and rpmbuild. They both require building several other R packages, and a bit of tweaking to the %files portion of the spec file, but are doable. I’ve never tried doBy or caret. Feel free to contact me directly for more information,

    Tony Schreiner

  • You can install any R packages from CRAN using the ‚Äč”install.packages()”
    command form within R itself. This will download, compile, and install the packages into your personal user account. you might need to install some supporting *-devel RPM packages via “yum”, but otherwise, it should work.

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