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Anyone know what package my user can use to read .xlsx files with python in CentOS 6?


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  • I suspect any such package will just read data on the sheet… interpreting excels formulas, database links, active X embedded objects, graphs, VBA macros, etc etc would likely be insane.

  • Larry Martell wrote:

    That’s 0.9.2. I just installed the latest package from the usual repos, and it’s python-xlrd-0.6.1-10.el6.noarch, and my user reports that doesn’t work. Suprises me, that being from Excel 2007, and Libre Office reads it fine. I gave that suggestion to him as a workaround – import into LibreOffice, and export, but he’s trying to automate this. I did see what seems to be a perl package, but he’s working in python.


  • I think Libre Office can be run from command line, headless, and it can be scripted.

    Also look at unoconv from RepoForge. I am not sure about .xlsx, .but working with .xls is possible. Maybe automatic conversion older standard then unoconv?