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Hi All.

What is the status of ReiserFS in CentOS at the moment? I have some servers which use it as a loadable kernel module. I am thinking about a filesystem for database systems and would like to know if ReiserFS will be maintained in CentOS/Linux kernel in the future?

Best regards, Rafal.

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  • Am Tue, 21 May 2013 14:11:31 +0200
    schrieb Rafał Radecki :

    The author and primary developer of the filesystem has some legal troubles and does not have an internet-connection at the moment, AFAIK. Describing the filesystem (and its author’s) future as “bleak” wouldn’t be an understatement IMO.

    Is your use-case so extreme that the filesystem actually matters?
    It’s not 2001 anymore.

  • Since Hans Reiser will be in prison for the next 10 years and the homepage of the company namesys – which is/was the main developing team – is no longer reachable, I think the future will more than vague. I don’t even know if there is someone in charge for the development. So I think this filesystem will slowly disappear.



    To be honest, given Hans Reiser’s antagonism to the Linux community and his arrogance to name an FS after himself, well, I hope that that filesystem simply fades. Was rewriting huge chunks of the kernel really necessary?

    In the above link you can find comparisons between the various file systems, their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps you can find something more contemporary that can help you?

  • pretty good summary, but I take issue with the XFS summary statement,
    “If you really like to tweak your system to meet your needs, XFS is a great way to go.”. XFS requires no tweaking at all, just `mkfs.xfs
    /dev/vg_bigdata/lvwhatever` and mount and go. Its not suitable as the root file system for CentOS (mostly because Anaconda doesn’t know how to set it up), but for data volumes, its king. only caveat is, the system MUST be 64bit, and you should have a fair amount of RAM to ensure xfs_check can handle the bajillions of files and links likely to accumulate on larger volumes.