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It would be nice (if not already available) to get a bind build with -with-tuning=large in the configure, this sets bind/named to run ‘better’ on large memory (read production) systems.

If someone could point me at an official one, or consider this as a request for a package to be in the main repos that would be great.

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  • If it’s just a compile flag, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to download the src.rpm, edit the spec file to include the flag that you require, and recompile it to suit your needs.

  • RE: building self from SRPM from Frank cox.

    Yes I agree, it’s not horrible to do, but it’s a manual step on every patch into the repos, I’m hoping more for maintenance reasons. For that matter I can compile from’s source tarball :)

  • Since you mentioned production systems, I would hope that you have some sort of support for it. That support (your IT department) should be able to host a repo. If not, then engage a company who will provide a SLA for the updates, and they will provide a repo. E.g. we do that for some PHP rpms for one of our clients.

    But I think you wanted them added into the CentOS plus repo or whatnot.