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well yes. of course there will be power consumption from mains.

my view is there is less electronic wear and tear when powered up
24/7 and due to inrush power surge on power up, less chance of some component going bad.

years back when i did computer systems work, i had a couple client calls for a system not powering up at start of morning hours. i used light bulb example to explain why and that they would naturally see an increase in utilities bill. both started leaving systems up.

have a friend who’s system lost power supply on power up, and again, after explaining about light bulb, he leaves system powered up and because he is using CentOS and kde, he uses ‘suspend to ram’ when not using and ‘suspend to disk’ when away for several days.

it is all owners choice.

ps. excuse delay in reply. problems with thunderbird had me unable to run email.

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