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  • Somebody has to do a hard work, I’m sure. Thanks, guys for the great work you are doing!

    Or you as sysadmin know that and just being ironic?


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  • To be clear, I was being ironic. Hence the smiley face.

    I just wanted to start a thread for future updates to appear in.

  • There are 270 SRPMs that need to be built .. of those 18 require modification for branding. All the mods have been applied and a build consisting of those 270 SRPMs has been queued.

    As of right now (time of writing this mail), we are still building in pass 1 .. so far 236 of the 270 SRPMs have tried to build, 15 have had some sort of failure and the rest have built fine.

    Working right now to figure out the failures and will resubmit those once the first pass of all 270 completes.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes

  • OK .. current status on CentOS-6.9 testing:

    We have a CR tree (see this link if you don’t know what CR is http://bit.ly/2mWkdq7 )

    We have been testing this tree for several hours in QA and have made some corrections.

    If we don’t find any deal breaking errors, the plan is to push the CR
    repo to 6.8 tree tomorrow at 1600 UTC .. it will take a couple hours to get to all of mirror.CentOS.org.

    So expect some announcements on the CR-Annoucne list tomorrow:


    Thanks, Johnny Hughes

  • Thanks Johnny and the CentOS team for all your hard work, commitment and dedication to this community.

    Thanks again

  • Still only 6.8 on the mirror link you gave near as I can see. And, since I’m still on 32-bit ( no time to move on right now), will a
    32-bit be included in 6.9?

  • My read, and poking, is that what was released is the CR repo, and that these will be released to production (as 6.9) “shortly”. If you enable the CR repo on your 6.x machine I believe you’ll see these updates, and can install them if you want to check things out. My experience is that there will likely be a few updates from the CR
    when the production set is released.

    If you go to:


    you’ll see that there are packages for both 32- and 64-bit, so you should be getting 32-bit updates that will take you up to 6.9.

  • Yes, there are i386 and x86_64 rpms in 6.9.

    Right. As Richard explained, CR goes in the current release (in this case, 6.8) and it is an ‘optional way’ to get the majority of the packages in the next release (in this case 6.9) early. It usually takes between 1 and 3 weeks to go from all the SRPMs are built to a fully installable tree and fully tested ISOs. In that interim period, if you want to get the RPMs early .. just for updating 6.8 current systems, not new installs, we created CR. More about what CR is and how to use it:


    In this case, anaconda and CentOS-release are the only two SRPMs that are not released to 6.8/CR that are actually in 6.9.

    anaconda because it usually requires tweaking and multiple rebuilds to get it working correctly every point release cycle and its main purpose is to build the new install tree, which is not needed in CR.

    CentOS-release because that actually changes the redhat-release file in
    /etc/ to say 6.9 instead of 6.8 .. something we don’t want until 6.9 is officially released.

    It is looking more and more likely that we will do the official release on Monday. April 3rd, 2017. The QA team has been testing and we have what I think is the final install tree and the final install ISOs.

    The only piece left is the Live Media (LiveCD, LiveDVD), which I am working on now actually. The release could be seeded and ready on Friday .. but we’ll wait and do it on Monday to save some SysAdmins their time at home over the weekend and they can do upgrades next week :)

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes