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I updated java-1.7.0-openjdk a few hours ago – it *was* listed as a critical security update, and I don’t want yelling from rkhunter. The man page tells me I can tell it rkhunter –propupd … but it doesn’t know the name above as a package. Been googling a bit, and cannot find a good example of a package (other than the manpage’s coreutil).

Anyone got an example, and/or why it doesn’t know this package?


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  • rkhunter will only know about the package if it is monitoring any of the package files in its (rkhunter) file properties database. By default I
    don’t think it monitors anything that the java package provides. As such, rkhunter shouldn’t issue any warnings about it.


  • John Horne wrote:
    but it coreutil).

    Ah – I was suspecting that. Thanks for confirming.

    mark “oh, good, not another 300 log emails to go through Monday”