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I’m building a package (rasmol, if you must know) from an srpm. It’s an FC20 pkg, nothing older, but the software itself hasn’t changed. So… I
try the build, and it fails, telling me:
gcc: %__global_ldflags: No such file or directory make: *** [rasmol] Error 1

Now, this isn’t a brand-new package, so I’m puzzled by the error. Is there supposed to be something I need to add to the rpmbuild command line, or…?

Clues for the poor.


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  • Sounds like a broken spec. __global_ldflags isn’t always defined, so it should be conditionally referenced. IIRC, use %{?__global_ldflags}
    instead of %{__global_ldflags}

  • You didn’t mention which version of CentOS you are trying to build on.

    The %__global_ldflags macro was introduced in RHEL7. It’s provided by redhat-rpm-config. If you’re attempting to build on an older version then you’ll need to fix that.

  • Hi,

    Building on CentOS 7, the SRPM builds clean as is.

    On CentOS 6, you do get the error described. Ned is correct with it requiring a flag change. Once lines 107 and 116 of the spec are changed to have the last portion of the lines as:


    the package builds fine.