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I’ve been informed that rpmforge and epel do not play well together and that if I use both, epel should have the higher (lower numbered) priority. Alas I had it the other way around. rpmforge messed up my effort to get audacity. I no longer need audacity, but would like to fix the situation before some other problem crops up.

Would fixing the priorities and telling yum to reinstall all the packages from rpmforge be useful?
Would it be dangerous?

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  • as rpmforge is virtually unmaintained now, I would enumerate all the
    .rf. packages you currently have, ascertain if you can get them from better supported repos, starting with epel, and if so, remove said .rf. package and install the epel or nux or whatever equivalents in their place. this may very well require some tinkering with package specific configurations on your part.

  • Michael Hennebry wrote:
    I wouldn’t. You should use *either*, not both. In fact, I believe that some rpmforge packages may even conflict with the base distro. What do you need in rpmforge that isn’t available from base, rpmfusion, or epel? The only thing I know of are some kmod packages from elrepo, and I have the elrepo.repo configuration so that either it’s not enabled by default, or I
    only get specific packages for a specific machine from it (like an old NVIDIA card).

    Damn, does it have to be a goat? Will a rubber chicken do?

    mark “gotta get one for work, y’know”

  • Do you happen to know of somewhere other than rpmforge where I can find hexedit and gqview for el6 ? Epel has them for el5, but not el6.

    Fortunately, installing them from rpmforge didn’t drag along any dependencies.

  • My proven (it works for me on C5) solution in instances of dependency conflicts between rpmforge and epel which prevent updates *AND*
    rpmforge being the only source for applications you wish to retain:-

    (1) yum remove ……. (application preventing the update)

    Yum may delete addition applications you wish to retain.

    (2) disable Dag/rpmforge repo

    (3) enable EPEL repo

    (4) yum install ……. (application removed in (1))

    (5) Disable EPEL repo

    (6) Enable RPMFORGE repo

    (7) yum install ……… (deleted packages from rpmforge you want to retain)

    Subsequently I have not experienced problems.

  • All the packages turned out to be vlc and dependencies. I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t installed rpmfusion. rpmforge is gone now and I have vlc back. All is well with that part of the world.