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We transfer files from a VAN provider at 15 minute intervals using rsync over ssh. The setup is somewhat complicated in that the VAN
will not permit direct rsync access and so we establish the link via sshfs and then mount remote location as local.

My question is, given the above conditions and the following rsync command:

/usr/bin/rsync –chmod=o+r –chmod=g+w –itemize-changes
–remove-sent-files –times /var/spool/imanet/pick_up/*

Under what circumstances would a file containing data at the remote end (/var/spool/imanet/pick_up/) arrive at our end
(/var/spool/imanet/drop_off) as an empty file? No transmission errors were logged and multiple files were transferred during the same session. All but one arrived with their contents intact.

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  • sshfs doesn’t seem to preserve/transmit ctime, so rsync won’t be able to reliably determine whether a file has changed based on times. There’s a small chance that you’ll miss updates in this configuration. That’s probably not related to your problem, just a note on that setup.

    Regarding the empty file, perhaps the source had the file locked for reading. Do you know what type of system is providing the data?