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.. what is?
fellow CentOSians.

how to you mount your loopback targets?
I’m trying lvm backstore, I was hoping I would do it with uuid, but it’s exposed more than once and how would kernel decide which device to use I don’t know.


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  • I’m not sure what ‘iscsi loopback’ even means. iSCSI is used to mount a virtual block device hosted on another system (initiator mode) or to share a virtual block device (target mode), while loopback is used to mount a local file as a device, such as an .iso image of an optical disc.

    can you explain in a little more detail what you’re trying to do ?

  • whatever devices you have in your backstores (LIO
    implementation is the default one I believe) and then naturally in your targets, etc.. – on the same local system you can loop them back = LIO presents them again to the kernel as local scsi devices. I’m thinking, maybe multipath should be involved/deployed here?
    I can mount such a loopback iscsi target but I cannot use FS’s uuid because – in my case first UUID comes from LVM’s lv and then the same UUID comes via iscsi loopback – which makes sense for it’s the same one filesystem.

  • Why would you be trying to do some loopback fun when you could just mount the underlying block device directly? Why not avoid loopback and mount the LV?