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I have a CentOS7 system (SOFA) and want to install a Samba share named “STUFF” for the machines inside my home. All users in my home have read access to the share, but only one user “me” has write permission. The configuration below worked just fine when the Samba system was on CentOS 6, but did not work under CentOS 7. The client machine is Windows 10. I have changed all “private” information for this message.

The CentOS 7 machine is running with SELINUX disabled, and effectively without firewall.

Windows network browsing finds the computer, but not the share. (it used to find the share with CentOS 6).

The server name is SOFA
The share name is STUFF
the Workgroup name is MYGROUP

The Linux account is “melinux”
The logon name from windows is “me”

I have issued the command
smbpass -a me

smb.conf contains:

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  • See if adding these under [global] helps in smb.conf:

    server max protocol = SMB3
    client signing = required max protocol = SMB2
    server signing = auto client use spnego = no client ntlmv2 auth = no client ipc max protocol = NT1
    client ipc signing = auto idmap config * : backend = tdb

    These are what I added when upgrading from C5’s Samba 3 to C7’s Samba 4.

    Also, one of the recent Windows updates may have disabled SMBv1, here that caused the inability to ‘browse’ the server shares
    (yet mapping a share still worked).

    On Windows 7 to enable SMBv1 on the SMB client (workstations), run the following commands:

    sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/mrxsmb20/nsi sc.exe config mrxsmb10 start= auto

    I don’t know if they will work on Windows 10 or not.


  • if you’re coming from C6, I do believe I’d add these one at a time, as C5 was *way* older.

    in particular, I suspect ‘max protocol = SMB2’ isn’t going to play well with win10.

  • El 15/11/17 a las 3:11, david escribió:

    Once i got fool looking for a similar problem and the share path was wrong!

  • At 02:51 AM 11/15/2017, you wrote:

    I have verified the owner/group settings on the share. The directory (/home/samba-share) is drwxr-xr-x and owned by melinux and the melinux group. There is a file in that directory, with permissions -rwxr–r– and the same owner/group. I suspect that’s not the problem.


  • You may need to enable the samba_enable_home_dirs option:
        setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs=1

    You might also want to double check that you haven’t given write access to everyone.  I’m mostly sure that forcing the user to “melinux” and adding that user to the write list will give write access to everyone.