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I have an old computer running CentOS 5. I need to add an SATA drive to it, but it doesn’t have any ports, so I need an add-on card. The board only has a 32-bit PCI slot. Any recommendations on cards/brands that work well with CentOS? I don’t need any raid capabilities, I just need a couple of SATA connections.


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  • . i hope certain others will excuse my reply to you OT post.

    instead of a pci slot board, i purchased a board that is an ide/pata to dual sata converter.

    card connects to ribbon cable dip connector on main board, giving 2 sata connections. works great.

    an inet search for ‘ide/pata to sata converter’ will give plenty of hits.

    card i purchased;

    card is available thru many computer accessory suppliers which one will find with web search of “ide/pata to sata”.


  • That’s not a bad idea. I’ll have to take a look at the case and see if I have room for something like that.

  • Bowie Bailey wrote:

    Nothing specific, but I would strongly recommend a well-known brand, like LSI.

    Note that I’m saying this because we had a box that was a JBOD, with mini-SAS cables coming out of the back, and they were hooked into an Highpoint RocketRaid. It was older – more than six years, and two years ago, they already just didn’t care – I had to find the source code, do a hack to it so that it would compile, then recompile on the (rare)
    occasions that we upgraded the kernel…. You really, really don’t want to have to worry on every yum update….


  • Normally, I’d agree, especially if this was for a high performance server, but I don’t believe LSI has any plain SATA adapters, just SAS
    HBA’s that support SATA, and most newer ones require pci-express 4-lane slots, older ones were PCI-X 64bit, its been along time since they had anything suitable for 32bit PCI

    For a 32bit parallel PCI 33Mhz slot, the SiL stuff previously mentioned is probably the best choice. cheap, and they work well enough, even if they aren’t at the bleeding edge of performance (you can overwhelm 32
    bit PCI with a single 1.5Gbps SATA transfer, nothing can get around that).

    here’s a typical SiL card.
    (note that vendor ships from Hong Kong)
    here’s a US shipper,

  • < <>>

    , if you click on the tab for tech specs, you will see that card is rather small, so you should not have a room problem.

    check the other tabs also.

  • I ordered a slightly different version that will plug directly into the SATA drive and provide an IDE connector.