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I have a script to resign all DNS zones every two weeks. When i run the script from bash, it works like it should. But when it is executed in cron not. Its starting normal as cronjob:
Feb 1 03:00:01 xxx CROND[20116]: (root) CMD (sh /opt/dnssec/

But after i get a mail that everything is finsihed, but it isn’t.
03:04:28 DNSSEC-Signierung abgeschlossen

The script deletes the old signed zones, but don’t resign it. The mail is also sent. Below the script.

Anybody an idea why it doesn’t work in cron?^
I cannot find any error in any log.

Best regards Daniel

#!/bin/bash KSKDIR=”/etc/named/KSK”

#delete old signed files rm -rf $ZONEDIR/*.signed

#delete the old log rm -rf $LOG

#read the zonefiles ZONEFILES=$(ls -p $ZONEDIR | grep -v ‘/$’ | grep -v ‘dsset*’)

#remove the .zone at the end
ZONE=$(echo “${FILES%.*}”)

#remove the old signed zone
rm -rf $ZONEDIR/$ZONE.signed

#Sign the zone
dnssec-signzone -o $ZONE -k $KSKDIR/K$ZONE.*.key -e +3024000 -f $ZONE.signed $ZONEDIR/$ $ZSKDIR/K$ZONE.*.key >> $LOG

#Set the correct permissions
chown named.named $ZONEDIR/*.signed
chmod 755 $ZONEDIR/*.signed
sleep 5
done rm -rf $ZONEDIR/

echo $(date +”%T”)”DNSSEC-Signierung abgeschlossen – Neustart des Servers” >> $LOG
echo “$(cat $LOG)” | mail -s “DNSSEC-Signierung abgeschlossen auf xxx” $MAILREC

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  • In article <>, Daniel Reich wrote:

    After the first line, add a line saying: set -x

    Then set cron to run it and examine the output that gets mailed to you.

    The -x tells it to echo each command it is about to execute. That will help you to see how far it is getting.

    Further comments below.

    Cheers Tony

    Why not just: ZONE=${FILES%.*}

    You deleted them all further up.

    Why not do this before the loop? Then you also don’t need $ZONEDIR/ everywhere.

  • Do not forget that cron does not use the root environment, such as
    $PATH. You need to set up the exect environment you need in the beginning of the crontab file. It would be helpful to see your crontab file to know what environment it has set up.

    Also the /var/log/cron log file should contain error information that might be helpful.

  • Thank you for the hints

    I modified like you described. I also moved the permission part out of the loop (once at the end of the script is enough).

    Now with the “set -x” the script is working also in cron.

    Best regards Daniel

    —–Original Message—

  • I don’t think I can answer the question about why your script is failing per se, but I can say that there are some flaws in the approach that your script is taking. Primarily, if you delete your old key when you create a new one, any external host that has any record from your zone in its cache will consider your zone to be invalid and will be unable to resolve new records (or any records? I’m unclear on that, actually) for the duration of your TTL. Key rotation is not instantaneous.

    I’m actually working on a key rotation management job, myself:

    I’ve been running it for a while, and I’m comfortable with the ZSK
    rotation segment. I have not yet tested the KSK rotation. If you’d like to help, please send patches.

  • In article <>, Daniel Reich wrote:

    The “set -x” would not be not what made it work – it is a debugging aid only.

    If it now works, then that is due to one of your other changes and you can remove the “set -x” again if you wish.

    Cheers Tony